The Courses

Design courses for six to ten people can be arranged at your chosen venue. These can be flexible - morning, afternoon, evening or full day but to get the best out of these a two day equivalent is recommended. Guidance is offered in three hourly slots, so that a full day would be a total of six hours tuition, with breaks for lunch/tea/coffee etc.

For more information, to check availability or to get a price for your preferred dates: contact me.

Seems some of the French work practices have rubbed off!

There are many aspects to consider in designing your personal outdoor space (which will ultimately involve expense) and all relevant areas must be covered. I want each and every participant to leave with a sense of achievement and a working plan.

Charges will depend on where and what is required but a general guide would be a minimum hourly charge of £12 per person, with a full day offered at £65, two days at £130.