Always lots of garden related thoughts and ideas but the main design inspiration comes from the site itself.

The client will dictate the direction and use of the garden but only the site will truly speak to you.

For me, there are certain things the ideal garden should contain. Clearly form and function, but aesthetically, sound, scent, touch and colour are important too.

The garden has to work as a whole, but within that it has also to appeal to the senses.

Scent is probably the prime trigger for memories. Colour is mood inducing and can be very subtly influencing.

Personally I adore scented roses and these always throw me back to childhood memories in grandma's garden.

My favourite colour palette is green and white with a splash of pink or blue and mauve thrown in. All the relaxing shades! Having said that if strong hot colours are your thing that's fine with me. A garden is a very personal space and it's all about choice. Your choice.

A well designed garden can provide a refuge, a tranquil and restful environment or a space in which to play and socialise.

There can be pools, ornamental or natural swimming ones, herb gardens, wild meadows or bowls lawns: the list is endless.

But the choice is yours.